Team Practice Information


  • One free practice is included with your Paddle for Pink team registration.
  • Captains receive an email for practice sign-up. If you are a captain and have not received a sign-in, please contact us here.
  • Please arrive on time. We will spend the first few minutes getting ready. You’ll get a personal flotation device and paddle, stretch/warm-up and receive instructions on paddling techniques and water safety.
  • At the practice site, a Machestic Dragon greeter will help fit you with a PFD (personal flotation device) and paddle, run a group warm up of stretching exercises, introduce you to the coach/steerer and set you with a paddler partner in the boat.
  • The Practice site can not be accessed from inside Mercer County Park. If using Google Maps, choose “Machestic Dragons Practice Center” as the location. (click here to open Google maps in a new window)
  • Each paddler must complete the team waiver online prior to arrival of their team practice. We cannot allow anyone on the boat who has not signed the team waiver.
  • In case of practice cancellation, the team captain will receive a text message at least an hour before your practice schedule.

All equipment, including dragon boats, paddles and PFDs (life vest/personal flotation device) is provided. Life vests will be worn at all times while on the boats. No exceptions! Arrive at the practice site 30 minutes prior to your team practice time; sessions are 50 minutes and scheduled continuously using 2 boats so it is very important to stay on schedule. A qualified coach and steers-person will be provided for you at each practice.

A Minimum of 14 of your team required for practice! If there is less than this, we will do our best to place your team members with other practicing teams.

This is a water-sport! You will get wet, so dress appropriately, including water shoes. Consider also sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, change of clothes, towel and water to drink.

Practices start with warm-ups on land, a safety review, and a demonstration to learn how to paddle in unison, and then we line up to enter the boat. The two people assigned to the first row will be responsible for setting the pace, “strokers”, and should have good timing.